Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy New Year

So here we are in the year 2012.

I hope it's a damm better year that 2011 was.

From the end of June 2010 to New Year's Eve 2011 the let eighteen months have been a journey that has been.. interesting to say the least.

When 2011 came, things started to look up a little.  In January I was liking in a hooker hotel, separated by 150 miles from my family.  Michelle finally found us a beautiful little home, and we finished moveing in during February.

My boss was able to arrange a situation where I was actually able to see my family at times other than the weekends.

Thanks to a stupid woman in a BMW, I was able to secure a new car.

We celebrated Michelle's 44th birthday, which no one thought she would make it to.

Then, May came... and it all went into the shitter....

Michelle died.

I nearly lost my home again, and without a hail-Mary pass from someone who I am forever grateful to, I would be right back where I had started the year.

Because of ONE whiner, I am now forced to be a 91 commando, fighting that traffic daily, and in the process missing every significant milestone and event in my family.  I leave before 6AM, and rarely am home before 9PM.

Thanks to the whiner, I completely hate my job.  And, it's not like I do anything significant anymore, aside from calling others to do the work.  I recently remarked to a co-worker that I wouldn't mind if this particular whiner was hit with a Scud missile.  They think I am kidding.

Missed school events, games, and other things.  Season tickets for the local minor-league team thrown away, wasted because I could not be home in time for the games.  For a fucking job.  I used to tell people I worked with that no man on his deathbed EVER says "Gee, I wish I would have worked more hours".

But, I know no other way.  They give me a paycheck, and in spite of having to dedicate 22% of my after tax income to commuting expenses just to keep this shitty job, I do it.

For a company that gives not a shit about it's people, or it's customers unless they are big national accounts. Every day it seems, there is a new procedure, a new form or spreadsheet to fill out to satisfy the endless stream of MBA's who never learned in business school that people are behind those forecasts and spreadsheets that they use to run the business with.

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