Sunday, July 10, 2011

Letters to my Wife

Dear Michelle,

  I have had my coffee and Sunday bagel, read the Sunday Times like we always did - tossing some things across the bed for you to read, and realizing you aren't there to read them.  The house is full of kids - Jennifer has come to stay awhile, helping Shae with some of the things she needs to do.  So like when the little ones were really little, I am up at the crack of dawn watching the sunrise and enjoying the coolness of the morning, and the quiet.

But while I am in a house full of people, for me it is empty.  I am missing you this morning more than I usually do,  mostly because I dwell on the things we didn't do.  That cruise.  Camping where Pop loved to spend his time in Mexico.  Birthday dinners and celebrations at our favorite places.  I will do those things  soon, but I will do them alone.  It would be unfair to take anyone along - even the children -  to have to compete with your memory.

I promised you a long time ago that I would take care of the children, and you know I never break promises.  They are handling things well, and actually looking forward to school starting back up in September.

Missing you so much today, and always


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